Why Dubai is famous?

Do you know why Dubai is famous ? Dubai is famous for beautiful sightseeing attractions like Burj Khalifa and fresh ocean air of breathing. Dubai (The United Arab Emirates) is not like other countries.

Here some tips to travel Dubai:


Is Dubai safe to Travel: Security in the United Arab Emirates is high; crime is heavily penalized. The crime rate that is registered towards tourists is practically nil. However, you have to be very respectful of their customs, religion, etc.

Best time to visit Dubai: As always when we start preparing a Dubai Tours, the question that inevitably arises in our mind is what is the best time to do it. The weather in Dubai is very hot throughout the year but especially intense during the summer. For this reason, it is more advisable to travel to Dubai in warmer months, from October and May, so you can stroll and enjoy the atmosphere better. Even in winter, the days are sunny and the highest temperatures are 25 ° C, falling to 15 ° C at night, so you won’t get too cold.


Language spoken in Dubai: the official language is Arabic most people speak English or at least know how to communicate in this language. So, you can make yourself understand without problems throughout the city.

How should I dressed: One of the big questions before traveling to Dubai is how we should dress, especially if we are women. In general, in Dubai people usually cover their bodies completely and women even cover their heads. However, foreigners do not have to. You can dress as you want without any restrictions.

What to see in Dubai?

Dubai Mall: it is the largest shopping center in the world. All the stores you can imagine are in there. From fast food chains, to clothing stores of all possible brands, a skating rink and lots of other things.


Miracle garden: the Dubai Miracle Garden is the ideal place to go. As the name suggests, it really seems a miracle to see so many colorful flowers in the desert mist, as well as floral sculptures that will make anyone’s chin fall. The garden holds the record of the largest floral arrangement in the world, created in the form of an Airbus.


Jumeirah Beach Park: a park created for green spaces has a very beautiful beach and warm water. It is more or less extensive and is closer to the city of Dubai, thanks to this it will be easier to make transfers from the beach to the city without taking up much time.


Dubai Fountains Show: Don’t forget to watch the fountain show at the foot of the Burj Khalifa. You can see it every day from 6 in the afternoon until 11 at night.


Burj Khalifa:


Burj Khalifa an essential activity to do on this tour of Dubai in one day is to climb the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. You can explore various Burj Khalifa Trips packages according to your choice.

Dubai Marina:


It is right next to the river and the Marina Beach. I recommend you especially spend the night to dinner. A good plan is to book a boat trip at sunset along the river with dinner included.

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